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Clinical medical research is available on a case by case basis for all people suffering from illness who wish to exit traditional medicine.

The Research Station connects clients to scientifically backed peer-reviewed double blind clinical research that is aligned with a proven treatment course via naturopathic medicine compiled by various research facilities around the world.





Clinical treatment processes custom designs for facilities seeking to engage in naturopathic treatment practices.


Treatment tracking and analytics are provided by third party vendors, ensuring the quality control and efficacy of systems being used.


Physician and Researcher connection via system integrations with third party research facilities to provide library Q&A for practitioners handling complex interconnected illnesses.




Our research partners are carefully vetted and selected to ensure that purely clinical research is being provided.

The Research Station is against spiritualistic, holistic, or energy based treatments which remain unproven by science.  Our partners focus on the clinically proven herbal approaches to reversing illnesses found commonly in society today without the use of pharmaceutical medications.

Research is done to order, and is kept privately for each client.  This protects their medical information, and ensures proper detail is applied to each request.





Company Address:

Co: The Research Station
PO Box 99203
Tucson, AZ 85641

Please do not send correspondence to this address before contacting customer service.  Unsolicited correspondence will be categorically refused.

Clinical Medical Research can take up to 120 days to receive depending on the research requests submitted.  Chargebacks and disputes will be met with vigilance.  

STOP!  Before you dispute your payment, contact customer service for information regarding the status of your research ordered.  They will respond to you within 48 hours, and provide you accurate information regarding the status of your order.

MHC is in no way responsible for your impression of the received research.  Your request will be returned with clinically accurate treatment paths in order to subdue your medical concerns.  However, no treatment is guaranteed.  Please be advised results may vary.