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Terms of Service:

By clicking Pay Now you hereby agree to the terms and services listed below.  Failure to read the terms and services agreement by the client does not release them from the liabilities and expectations therein.


All orders placed are for clinical medical research.  Research by nature, can take between 30-120 days depending on the requested return from the client.  Naturopathic treatments for illness are a complicated science.  By clicking Pay Now clients understand that they must wait between 30-120 days for their research to arrive depending on the nature of the research requested.  


Clients hereby agree to follow the guidelines of HIPPA: https://www.hhs.gov/sites/default/files/privacysummary.pdf

The Research Station does not control, moderate, or communicate directly with you regarding your health issue request once it has been transmitted to the research facilities we partner with.  Thusly, no communication regarding personal data, contact information, medical history, medications, or treatments may be discussed via customer service.  Customer service will be mindful to remind you of this HIPPA policy should you attempt to engage regarding the specificity of your research.  Once the research is delivered questions may be directed to facility management at the.research.station@tutanota.com 

Product Liability:

The Research Station (Marasco Holding Co) is not liable for the research received.  Your treatment process may not yield immediate results, nor may it work in its entirety.  Claiming products information to be undesirable or inaccurate will not quantify a response necessary for a refund.  The human body is a complex system of interconnected functions.  Some processes may not work as effectively as the client may anticipate.  Because research is conducted by outside facilities The Research Station is not liable for the research received refunds will not be honored.  The client agrees to this once clicking pay.  The client also assumes full responsibility for the nature of the research received.  No refunds will be issued for customers unhappy with research paid for and performed in good faith.  The customer hereby agrees not to charge back the research station for simply being dissatisfied with research received.

Clinics & Facilities:

System analytics can take as much as 180 days to completely vet.  System processes are not cut and dry, therefore the expectation of the client will be limited to the understanding that good work takes time.   Clinics and Facilities must undergo an interview process and sign contracting before proceeding forward.  Upon submission of payment the terms of service there in are binding.  Refunds and disputes will not be honored.

Lost or Missing Documents:

Research Documents lost or missing in the mail for more than 60 days will be processed for a second transmission.  However, if an invalid address is provided, or a client fails to sign for the package, pick up their mail, or subsequently be derelic in any manner regarding the delivery of their research The Research Station will not transmit a second time nor honor a refund.  Once a product is shipped and delivery attempt is made, the client is solely responsible to pick it up.  Failing to communicate with the carrier, refusing to sign, not being present to receive, or being derelict in any other regard will result in termination of our responsibility.  This means that a refund will not be issued.  Research lost in transit, or failed to be scanned through customs will be retransmitted after 60 days to ensure the package was not temporarily held in transit.  Damaged Documents will be replaced within 90 days of reporting them as damaged.  Due to the nature of working with outside facilities, The Research Station cannot guarantee expedited shipping for damaged documents.  However, they will be ordered for replacement within 10 days of reporting the issue to us,

Request for service:

Customers will contact our CS department via the home page and submit a request regarding any issues with their research before filing disputes with credit card companies.  The CSR will not discuss the contents of the client's research, medical history, family history, personal information, or any non-compliant requests with HIPPA (See above PDF).  Customers may only submit an order number provided by their invoice, and the nature of their request or complaint.  Customer Service has 48 hours to reply, and resolution of a customer service request can take up to 120 days.  This is due to the sensitive nature of each individual research project.  Research facilities must be contacted, conversations must be had, negotiations, and admittance for redistribution is not an immediate process.  This is because clinical medical research is not subject to standard online product restrictions.  Each individual research file is tailored for an individual.  If the research firm does not keep records, or loses database information, this research must be re-applied.  Due to this, a request for redistribution of research may take the above 120 days to resolve.

Request for Refund:

If a client waits more than 120 days for delivery or redelivery of research, a full refund will be issued no questions asked.  Purchases between our clients and the terminal are for third party services.  Once an individual has paid there is a 24 hour period where they may request refund.  After that, refunds consequently will be denied.


Marasco Holding Co takes fraud very seriously.   Claiming fraud on a purchase a customer made in good faith will be met with a challenge on their dispute.  Credit Card companies are herein liable to maintain good faith that the customer did in fact have their card details stolen, and can prove by device MAC IP customer was infact defrauded.   If the IP provided to your bank matches your home residence, personal device, or any place known to frequently make purchases, you accept that you are attempting to lie and defraud our company.  While your credit card may side with you, you can expect civil action to follow.  The Research Station takes very seriously false claims of fraud to credit card companies.  

Claiming The Research Station defrauded a customer will be met with invoices, proof of contact, email data, customer service data, and physical IP data showing where the purchase was made and even on what device.  Falsifying information about purchases to defraud our company and attempting to steal from Marasco Holding Co. may be met with legal action.  Individuals who fail to contact customer services, and fail to meet the above waiting period for their purchase will find their arrangement with our company terminated.  Termination of services is at the discretion of Marasco Holding Co.  

Charges made clearly in fraud will be immediately refunded to the person without question.