Blending your TRT

Testosterone Replacement Therapy is one of the most over used terms in the anabolic community. Gym bros constantly say things like "Ya man I am on TRT right now, but I plan to blast next month". Typically their dosage is 250-500mg of some basic test like cypionate or enanthate. This is not a TRT, but rather a cruise dosage. Clinically administered TRT is given to people who have a medical condition known as hypogonadism. TRT dosages traditionally ranged between 50-400mg administered every 14 days via intramuscular injections.

In the above article various forms of TRT are addressed. One of the more interesting comments made within the discussion area is the erratic nature of IM application of exogenous testosterone over a 14 day period. The study outlined that hormonal instability occurred, and patients experienced loss of libido, mood swings, anxiety, depression. This is because 14 days on test enanthate is simply too long between doses. Macro dosing compounds at 200-400mg per 14 day period is an ineffective way to manage a TRT.

More recent work has proven that micro dosing lower amounts of testosterone. A dose of 125mg per injection was more well tolerated by the body, and created fewer side affects for the patients in this study than doses at 500 or 250mg. LDL, HDL, D3, Estradiol, FSH, and LH were less dramatically impacted. Mood was more stable, and libido was fluid. This means that the previous discussion regarding dosages at 400mg every 14 days has been proven ineffective. Patients should consider dosing 3 days a week at 125mg or less for their intramuscular injections.

Testosterone undecanoate or (TU) capsules as outlined in the paper, suppresses SHBG and carries a heavy hepatic load (taxing on liver resources not to be confused with Hepatotoxic). However, as an oral AAS TU are the only orally administered base testosterone. The study showed that 40% of the people who took it reported gastrointestinal discomfort. Still the compound has its place, because it can be taken orally and maintain your test levels at 80mg weekly. Other commentary by redundant studies on the subject shows that spreading out the dose throughout the week eliminates about 60% of the gastrointestinal discomfort reported by participants in those studies.


Proviron is a widely sought after oral steroid on the blackmarket. Traditionally proviron is used to amplify libido and suppress conversion of base testosterone into dihydrotestosterone and estradiol (2h,4h,16h). Mesterolone (Proviron) has proven to reduce the signs of aging in middle aged men, but also causes bone density issues when taken alone for a long time due to how it is metabolized. Also, DHT compounds come with side affects like hair loss and in some cases enlarging of the prostate. Thus running high levels of a DHT, regardless of mesterolone's low hepatotoxicity, is generally a bad idea.

19nors and TRT? Nandrolone Decanoate has been substituted in for TRT in the above study. 5AR dihydro 19nors metabolite resulted in blocking DHT from binding to hair follicles and prostate. Running nandrolone by itself will lead to a system shutdown. It is a progestin AAS, again by itself, not a good idea.

Perhaps a linear approach to TRT is ineffective. Testosterone converts to DHT and estradiol. DHT by itself will not impact FSH production, improves libido, reverses signs of aging, suppresses conversion, but leads to androgenic side affects. TU tablets boast nice stability, but stand alone cause stomach discomfort in higher dose and suppresses SHBG. Nandrolone by itself is a bad idea, but coupled with Test or DHT it does a nice job of blocking DHT in places you don't want it.

Commentary and recommendations:

Layering the compounds rather than taking them alone could have some advantageous affects. Currently, TRT dosing is between 50-400mg of testosterone IM injections. For ease of discussion 240mg will be selected as the target dose.

100mg IM Testosterone Cypionate every 5th day

50mg IM Nandrolone Decanoate every 5th day

25mg Proviron twice a day (12 hour half life)

40mg of TU capsule once a week for longevity of the base testosterone family

Results should be: Low androgenic sides, Low progesterone sides, Low prolactin mobilization, very little conversion, extraordinary blood stability, high libido, faster healing and recovery, very little bloating, few AI needed to suppress estrogen.


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