DHT Hair Loss Recovery

Male pattern baldness is exacerbated by endogenous hormones either by family or via hormonal conversion. As testosterone converts in the human body estradiol and dihydrotestosterone are created through various metabolization processes. DHT or dihydrotestosterone can react more wildly inside the androgen receptors leading to more muscle growth, but it can also bind to the prostate causing inflammation or the hair follicles causing androgenic alopecia speeding up male pattern baldness. Finasteride (Proscar) is a DHT blocker used to treat various androgenic conditions orally and topically. This short article will teach you the what and the how about Finasteride.


The Journal of Dermatological Treatment released an article outlining a 16 month study where the application of topical finasteride in combination with minoxidil 2.0% showed encouraging recovery of those suffering from androgenic alopecia (which is also the primary cause to male pattern baldness).



Topical vs Oral:

Orally administered Proscar (Finasteride) showed in a study that 94% of the patients after a few months had sexual dysfunction. Conversely topical administration had no such side effects. Topically application does not bind to the prostate, but rather to the androgens around the area applied. (Certain studies speculate that this can even be used to treat some acne brought on by an increase in DHT in the body).

How to DYI:

Topical Finasteride is hard to come by, but Proscar is not. If your doctor prescribes Proscar or generic finasterides for your androgenic conditions follow this guide to making your own cream.


Minoxidil 2.0% 8floz

Finasteride 5mg tablets 4x

Coco butter 1 tub 7-8oz


Mixing bowl 32oz or larger

Mortar and pestle

Hand held mixer

Latex gloves


Crush 4x 5mg finasteride tablets finely

add minoxidil 8 fluid oz to the 7-8 oz tub of palmer's cocobutter

blend minoxidil solution and cocobutter until homogenous

add crushed finasteride tablets to the solution (20mg total)

mix thoroughly and then store in a ziplock bag at room temperature.


1-2 tablespoons for 3-6 months (the longer the better)

Results will vary between people using it depending on genetics.


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