Methylation and AAS

Updated: Feb 23, 2019

Understanding the use of exogenous and endogenous hormones takes a lot more than simply reading a study on what a select compound is capable of doing. Side affects need to be understood on a micro system level, and not necessarily mitigated with pharmaceutical ancillaries. Ancillaries come with their own side affects. Answering one problem with another problem is simply not a smart approach to dealing with sides. This topic will be to discuss the process of Methylation and what its functions are within the body.

What is Methylation:

Chemically speaking, its the insertion of a methyl group into a compound. CH3 added to a hydrocarbon, which changes its properties and functions (or functional group).

Biologically speaking, Methylation is necessary for DNA recombination, estrogen metabolization, fat cell mobilization, and a big contributor to metabolites inside the liver.

Failure to consume enough dark leafy greens in your diet lead to single nucleic polymorphisms or genetic SNPs. These SNPs can cause mass wasting, auto immune disorders, cancer, heart disease, energy depletion, hormonal imbalance, and a myriad of complex problems in the body. SNP's are in essence adaptations or responses to the environment the body is in. Whether these are internal or external issues, the recombination of DNA is grossly affected by the manner in which we live our lives. Low amounts of methyl folate in the body can result in tremendously bad health problems for individuals NOT taking AAS compounds. Those taking endogenous hormones are at much greater risk for an expanse of these SNP's to occur during the recombination process.

Women need to be acutely aware of this, as their diet will directly impact the way their body responds to endogenous hormones. Methylated folate in doses of 20-40mg a day can help boost your methylation, but failing to use methylated folate will result in contrary responses. Folic acid or Folate actually blocks the methylation process due to its need to have that methyl chain added to the functional group in order to become bioavailable. Please ensure when you go to purchase methylated folate you get JUST methylated folate. Proprietary blends are a waste of money and unnecessary. If you are able to get in 4 cups of dark leafy greens a day, adding methylated folate is still not a bad idea. Anything that promotes long life and low impact side affects is a good thing.


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